Beskydy mountains with a backpack

Set off for the deep forests and mountains, get to know the untouched nature, take advantage of the network of marked hiking tracks, the extent and quality of which the Czech Republic is unrivalled in.

Thanks to that you do not need to worry about wandering off the track and getting lost. Plan a few-days ramble with a backpack and on your way stop to relax at one of the chalets. Most of them were built at the beginning of the 20th century and there are spread across the mountains. Their staff will be happy to look after you, and you will get a chance to refresh yourself with good beer and local specialities. If you do not dare to go for long trips and want to enjoy a bit of luxury, you can opt for accommodation in one of the classier hotels and go for some of the numerous possible single- day trips. Forget the everyday rush and troubles at least for a while, relax actively in the Moravian-Silesian Region! 


Start in the village of Komorní Lhotka. From there, take the yellow track to the top of Prašivá Mountain, which is a pilgrimage spot with the St. Anthony of Padua Church made of wood and a chalet serving as a hostel for hikers. Continue along the red track to the crossroads at Kotař Mountain, after which you will arrive at another of the chalets. Follow the red track over the Ropička and Kalužný peaks to the Kolářova chalet on Slavíč. We recommend you stay the night there as you will have done 21 km by the time you get there and another place to stay is far away.


After the evening spent having a couple of pints of good draught beer and a night’s rest, set off for the 26-kilometre-long march through the deep forests of Malý Polom and Velký Polom, where you will hardly meet anyone. Apart from the short part between crossroads Kozí hřbet – Václavičky and the Pod Malým Polomem – sedlo saddle where you follow the blue marks, the whole day’s journey is on the red track. From the Pod Malým Polomem – sedlo saddle go on for about 7km to the beautiful pilgrimage spot with a chapel and a water spring called Muřinkový vrch. From there, there is a 3.5 km-long scenic route with splendid views of Kysucké Beskydy. You will be passing the Tetřev lookout with the first chalet on today’s trip. If you do not get your refreshments there, you will have two more chances on the next ridge. After that, a descent into the civilization is necessary to Mosty u Jablunkova, because the Beskydy Mountains are cut here by the "Jablunkovský průsmyk" pass. You will have done 20 km by then, so you can choose to stay the night in Grůň Hotel, enjoy the wellness centre there, and have fun at the attractions of the amusement park. Alternatively, walk on to one of the chalets under Studeničný or Gírová peaks, where there are cosy places to spend the night, too.


There are about 23 km of forest and hiking paths ahead of you. Set out along the route marked in red and after about 5 km you will reach another piece of civilization. It is the most eastern village of the Czech Republic – Bukovec. Here you can treat yourself to some time at the wellness centre in Kempa Hotel. From there, follow the red marks for 5 km to Groníček – sedlo saddle passing Bahenec chalet on your way. Then change for the blue track and get to Velký Stožek Mountain. On its slope on the Polish side there is another one of the nice chalets. Once you are well fed and watered, take the yellow track towards Zimný and then the red one to Filipka, which is the last place to get some refreshments. The end of your trip is in Bystřice nad Olší (4km away on the yellow track). It is another one of the traditional villages typical for Těšínské Slezsko. It boasts a wooden church Povýšení sv. kříže from 1897. You can spend the night in one of the little local hotels or in the luxurious Vitality Hotel in the neighbouring village of Vendryně.


After the demanding hiking programme of the previous days, visit one of the interesting technical sights situated in the city of Ostrava – the centre of the whole region. Lower Vítkovice – a unique place full of attractions – a view from the top of the blast furnace no.1, where you can get to by lift (just like the iron ore used to).  Gong – once a gas container, now a multi - purpose hall, where music and theatre performances are held. U6, the Small Wold of Technology – which used to be a power control room and these days, serves a source of entertainment and education. Coal Mine Michal – become a miner for a while and experience the things they had to go through before going down to the mine every day. You will see the unique system of chain cloakrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, dispatching and power control room. Landek Park – try going down into the oldest coal mine in the region, experience the fast ride down into the shaft; the authentic mining racket; operating old mining machines and stories told by the guides – who were once miners themselves, and the history exposition of mining rescue works.

Tips for one-day outings:

Velká Čantoryje (995 m) – the highest peak of the Czech part of Silesian Beskydy, the ridge of which forms the frontier between the Czech Republic and Poland. The ideal place to start the trip is the small village of Nýdek. The track is called „Knights‘Path“ and is about 5 km long. On the peak you will be rewarded by a beautiful view from a 29-meter-tall lookout, and by relaxing with good beer in the pub standing right beside. In the evening you can have a rest in a malt spa at Pod Kyčmolem Hotel in Horní Lomná, whose microbrewery produces excellent beer. Alternatively, try the wellness centre in the Vitality Hotel in Vendryně. 
Lysá hora (1323 m) – called the queen of the Moravian- Silesian Beskydy, as she is the highest mountain. You must have noticed it by now. It is well visible and you can not confuse it with any other mountain as it has a large TV signal transmitter. There are multiple routes that lead to the top, but we recommend climbing from the train station in Ostravice following the red marks, this route is 8.5 km long. When you reach the peak, you can get refreshments in any of the chalets and enjoy the splendid views of the countryside around. After the exhausting day, you can rest right on the foothill of Lysá hora in the swimming pool at Sepetná Hotel back near the Ostravice village. 
Radhošť (1129 m) – a popular mountain you can walk to from the Pustevny saddle, where you get to by a chairlift from Trojanovice. At Pustevny you can admire the unique wooden buildings from the late 19th century and savour some of the local specialities – such as a huge dumpling filled with Beskydy blueberries. Walking from Pustevny to the peak of Radhošť you will pass a 3-metre-tall statue of Radegast, the pagan god of sun; war; affluence and harvest, and you can get to know the legends connected to him. Radhošť is the seventh highest mountain of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, and at the top you can find the Chapel of Cyril and Method, with statues of these Byzantine missionaries, who, in the 10th century, brought Christianity and education to Moravia.